Discussion Papers

20 Years On - And (Not) Much Wiser - Has Bologna Made European Teacher Education a Living Reality?

ENTEP, Daniela Worek (2018)
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Teacher assessment and evaluation

ENTEP, Vlatka Domovic (2016)
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Preparing teachers to enhance learning in multilingual, multicultural and migrant contexts

ENTEP, Ursula Uzerli (2015)
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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the continuum of EU teacher education - individual participation, partnerships and systemic approaches

ENTEP, Ursula Uzerli and Paul Holdsworth (2011)
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The Bologna process and teacher education structures in Europe - Creating a European Teacher Education Area

ENTEP, Apostolis Dimitropoulos (2008)
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Teacher Education Policies - More than a hobby for academics

ENTEP, Gassner Otmar (2008)
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The Continuous Professional Development of Teachers in EU Member States -New Policy Approaches New Visions

ENTEP, Ursula Uzerli and Lucien Kerger (2007)
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What is a "European Teacher"?

ENTEP, Schratz Michael (2005)
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ECTS and the Bologna Process - A Summary

ENTEP, Angela Walsh (2004)
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