The Role of ENTEP

The European Network on Teacher Education Policies (ENTEP) was formally launched at an international conference under the Portuguese Presidency, held in Loulé (Algarve) on May 22-23, 2000. At the first meeting of the Ministers' Representatives and of the European Commission on May 21, ENTEP was constituted with Prof. Bártolo Paiva Campos in the chair, and the General Framework of the Network was agreed on.

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In recent years, co-operation among European Union Member States in the field on teacher education has been developing with the support of several Community programmes and instruments, in particular the Socrates programme. This co-operation focuses mainly on teacher education providers and the teachers themselves. The establishment of the European Network on Teacher Education Policies aims to reinforce this, and to develop the political dimension involving all relevant agencies.

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Vision Statement

It is the year 2007. Europe has a leading role in education world wide. The teaching profession is attractive and highly valued, including by young people. All of the diverse training routes are attuned to the needs both of schools and trainees/students. A constructive dialogue between the two takes place. Schools, teachers, students and other stakeholders add immense value both to the quality of life and to the life chances of future citizens. Teachers and parents take a leadership and collaborative role in creating schools and classrooms as learning organisations in which students are educated to the highest standards. Students are helped to become socially adjusted, well-educated, adaptable citizens of Europe who value lifelong learning and have the skills required to thrive in a European developed and creative economy that is technologically advanced and can thrive in a climate of rapid change.

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Discussion Papers

In a variaty of statements and papers we keep track of our progress. These papers are available in the discussion papers section.

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