Let's turn the crisis into an opportunity


Covid-19 presents us with new challenges day by day and changes are becoming the norm. In the context of education, we can see that students, their parents, but also their teachers find themselves in very demanding situations.
Since the next ENTEP conference had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, we will use online tools to exchange information on current developments in the field of Initial Teacher Education and try to learn from each other this way. Unity in Diversity!

Further information will follow - stay safe!

Happy Easter!


Of course, we had all imagined Easter as usual: gathering young and old in one place, looking for Easter eggs together - that will be very different in this special year 2020. Who would have expected the challenges we would have to face in 2020? It seems that Covid-19 has taken over. All of our lives are in some way affected by this, uniting each of us globally. How we approach each other with empathy and kindness is very important right now. More than ever, we need each other. Jackie Chan ones said: “We live in a global village and we are one single family. It’s our responsibility to bring friendship and love from all different places around the world and to live together in peace.” Now we can only stay together by staying away from each other.
But it is not social distancing that we should practice, just physical distancing. And yes, there are opportunities to come together as family, friends and as colleagues. Whether digitally via e-mails, via video conference, classic on the phone or - even more classic - via letter and parcel post.

Warmest thoughts to you and your family. Happy Easter!

Important Notice - ENTEP Conference (01/20) canceled


The situation with the COVID-19 is changing rapidly. In response to the latest developments, a lot of EU Member States have decided not to participate at any events physically until the end of April / May 2020. Since we do not know how the situation will develop in the next few weeks and a lot of events and work will build up, unfortunately, the cancelation of the ENTEP conference in May seems inevitable. We will try to find a new date for the conference when the situation is clearer.
As we work through this challenge, our thoughts and prayers are with all persons affected by this pandemic.

All the best and stay strong!

New ENTEP Homepage 02/20


As a non-profit organization, ENTEP relies on the engagement of its members and other supporters.

Thanks a million
- to Prof. Dr. Romita Iucu, University of Bucharest, who has offered ENTEP an internet platform for many years.
- to the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie for the financial support of the new address: www.entep.eu
- to Mr. Jens Horing, who has implemented the content of our old ENTEP homepage in cooperation with
Dr. Daniela Worek into an innovative and modern design.

We are very grateful for your engagement and your support!

ENTEP Member Cards 01/20


Never go out without your ENTEP Member Card.

Design: Mr. Stefan Fraenzel and Dr. Daniela Worek
Financial Support: Fit4Ref, Mr. Stefan Fraenzel
Function: ITIC (International-Teacher-Identity-Card)

We are very happy that all ENTEP representatives and emeritus members have received a member card.

THANK YOU, Stefan!

ENTEP and TEPE Cooperation 12/19


Since ENTEP and TEPE, are working on the quality of Teacher Education, both organizations have agreed to engage in a constructive exchange. After TEPE´s invitation to the conference in Krakow, ENTEP invited Prof. Dr. Marco Snoek, who represented TEPE next to Prof. Dr. Joanna Madalińska-Michalak, to the ENTEP conference in Prague.

It has been shown that it is valuable to inspire and learn from each other.
The plan is to have a joint conference in 2021. Looking forward to it!

ENTEP at the TEPE Conference in Krakow 05/19


On behalf of TEPE Board and Conference Organisers, Prof. Dr. Joanna Madalińska-Michalak University of Warsaw TEPE Network Chair TEPE 2019 Conference Chair and Dr Paweł Poszytek General Director Foundation for the Development of the Education System, ENTEP was invited to the 12th TEPE International Conference on "Quality Teachers and Quality Teacher Education: Research, Policy and Practice” in Krakow, Poland, 16-18 May 2019.

It has been a very fruitful conference - thank you for the excellent organisation!

Facebook me 03/19


Check out our new Facebook Account under: https://www.facebook.com/

New ENTEP Coordinator Dr. Daniela Worek 10/18


We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Daniela Worek from Germany was voted to be the new coordinator of ENTEP.

Especially now that we, as members of the European Union, are facing a multitude of challenges, it is important to come together and work together.
In the next years, we are not only celebrating the 20th anniversary of ENTEP, but we also have a lot of tasks on our to-do list: ENTEP and ENTEP's outcome should become more visible again, we want to strengthen cooperations within the network and between other important partners which are related to Teacher Education, and of course, we want to challenge future-oriented topics, which are relevant to all EU Member States.

All the best and a lucky hand, Daniela!

Former Coordinator Prof. Dr. Mojca Pecek-Cuk 10/18


Prof. Dr. Mojca Pecek-Cuk has finshed her legislation as a coordinator of ENTEP. One of her highlights was the publication on "Teacher Education for Multilingual and Multicultural Settings" (2016). We are glad that she is continuing her engagement as an active ENTEP member.

THANK YOU, Mojca, for your dedication and hard work as a coordinator.

A new ENTEP Logo 07/18


Building bridges - between different stakeholders in Teacher Education, EU member states, into the future.

After a long time of inspirational discussions, we have decided to have this bridge as new ENTEP logo.
Thank you very much to Mr. Stefan Fraenzel and Dr. Daniela Worek for the implementation.

Emeritus Member: Prof. Dr. Michael Schratz 10/17


Prof. Dr. Michael Schratz, who has been one of the most inspirational and productive members of ENTEP for many years has turned from an active member to an emeritus member of ENTEP.
Two of his biggest achievements for ENTEP were and still are the creation of the "European Teacher" and the birth of "EDITE" (EUROPEAN DOCTORATE IN TEACHER EDUCATION - http://www.edite.eu/).

THANK YOU, Michael!

Special Guest at the ENTEP Conference in Lisbon 10/17


It was a big honour that Mr. Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins, the former Portuguese Minister of Education, who in 1999 presented to his colleagues from the other EU Member States the proposal for launching ENTEP, could open the international ENTEP conference "Evaluation Frameworks for Schools and Teachers".

ENTEP presents its Results at the International Conference in Frankfurt 03/17


At the "First European Conference on Internationalization of Teacher Education Challenges and Options towards a better Recognition and Comparability of Qualifications", which was organized by the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie (Dr. Daniela Worek) in cooperation with the Goethe-University (Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner), ENTEP was invited to have a voice.

ENTEP strongly supports the idea to recognize Teacher Education Diplomas according to the motto ‘Equivalence in Lieu of Uniformity’.

THANK YOU for a very inspirational and future-oriented conference and the possibility to make a significant contribution.

Emeritus Member: Ursula Uzerli 02/15


Ursula Uzerli has been dedicated to ENTEP since the beginning. As one of the most inspirational and productive members of ENTEP, she has initiated decisive paths in different roles, as a member and a coordinator. Now she is turning into an emeritus member of ENTEP.

THANK YOU, Ursula!